What if I told you that you can LOWER your Facebook ad spend while INCREASING conversions? Sounds crazy, but before I continue let me ask you one important question, which is more valuable?

Someone who simply views your website, or someone who’s been browsing around your website for 30 seconds?

Well, if you copied and pasted the Facebook Pixel into the <head> tags of your site or ClickFunnels page, or put your pixel ID into the default Shopify integration, you’ll want to read the next paragraph closely because your Facebook Pixel isn’t setup correctly and WILL NOT collect this valuable level of insight.

For those of you who hired a marketing agency or “guru” you’ll want to pay special attention to what I am about to cover next, because this tip will save you THOUSANDS on your ad spend.

Now without turning this into a lesson on Facebook ads I want you to look at the following lines of code :

/* Place Facebook Pixel Code HERE */
<script type=”text/javascript”>
var time_on_page = 0;

var pixelTimer = setInterval(function(){

if(time_on_page <= 300){

time_on_page += 5; // Change the number to 10 or 15 at most


} else {



},5000); // For 10 seconds it’s 10000 and 15 sec is 15000

So what does the above do? Let me explain…

When you copy the code above, it will trigger the Facebook Pixel event “PageView_X” every 5000 milliseconds (5 seconds) where X will be the number of seconds that have passed since the visitor has been on that page of your site until 5 minutes (300 seconds) have passed – at which point it STOPS firing events.

Now if I lost you on that last part, that’s okay because guess what? You can now EXCLUSIVELY RETARGET potential customers based on how long they have been on your individual pages, instead of just re-targeting EVERYONE who hits your site.

This insight is especially useful for those of you who have landing pages, blogs, or offers with lots of text and content. Imagine being able to target ONLY the users who have read your blog, offer, or perhaps watched your call to action video. That is what the above code allows for you to determine.

Know that you video’s call to action is at 30 seconds?

Retarget visitors who are on your site from 5-30 seconds differently than how you re-target visitors from 30 seconds on. This code gives you that flexibility, and when you really think about it, it is incredibly powerful.

Know that it takes 2 minutes for the average person to read your blog post? (Google Analytics will show you this…)

Awesome! Retarget the readers who haven’t finished reading to come back, while you retarget other readers on similar articles or push them to the next page of copy in your funnel.


…and while you can improve this code even further, these few lines of code will give you the SNIPER LEVEL insight and segmentation needed to make powerful data-driven decisions regarding your ad spend! 

Thank you for reading and hope this helps you get greater results from your social media marketing efforts! Cheers!

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