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Joseph is one of those guys that you meet and he is just operating on a different plane than anyone else you meet around you. You can tell there is something unique about him from the moment he starts speaking.

Sean Donovan

Executive Producer of Think & Grow Rich : The Legacy

My team has recovered over $6,337 per day in abandoned sales for our smallest client

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Knowledge gained from millions of dollars in marketing research

We have used $350,000,000 USD worth of sales data to isolate the top 5 psychological reasons for cart abandonment to create a proprietary solution that has saved our clients millions in lost sales per year.

Decrease customer acquistion costs, increase revenue within 7 days

We have developed proprietary marketing software that can lower your customer acquisition costs, increase your ROI, and pin point exactly what triggers from your current marketing plan are truly making an positive impact on your customer's purchasing decisions.

We pride ourselves on our network of professionals and influencers

Marketing landscapes are constantly changing and if you need a professional for an area of service we don't specialize, instead accepting the task and doing a C-level job as many marketing agencies tend to do, we will tap into our network of service professionals on your behalf to bring in verified A-level talent that we have worked with previously to eliminate your need to search for talent and speed up time to execution for any marketing campaign.

Additionally, a bonus of working with us is being able to tap into our network of hundreds of TRUSTED influencers whom we've worked with on past marketing campaigns or promotions, often at lower cost than you may find by directly approaching the same influencers.

Joseph Lazukin is an absolute master at the online game. He is authentic in the way he shows up.

It was really awesome to be in conversation with Joseph and him be the second pair of eyes that see the things that even after me being in this industry for 8 years still not understanding, but Joseph with the level and experience that he has, pin pointing points where we could improve our business and our brand. I am just forever blessed and forever grateful.

Joel Brown

Founder of Addicted2Success.com  (150M+ website views)

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How To Get A Refund From Fraudulent Facebook and Google Ad Traffic

Have you seen your CPAs rising and your margins thinning? You are not alone.

"Anything easily earned is never truly valued."
Joseph Lazukin

My Top 5 Strategies for Building Massive Groups & Monetizing Them!

These are my top 5 strategies for building massive groups and how to monetize them!

"Nobody will ever want your dreams to come true so much as you, so if you don't make them real who will?"
Joseph Lazukin

Improve the quality of data your Facebok Pixel Gathers

If you’ve EVER done Facebook ads, you’ve heard about the Facebook pixel, but did...

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